Cambridge Favourite strawberries

Cambridge Favourite strawberriesBeen a while since I grew strawberries. So I had a fancy to grow them in our courtyard. I bought eight plants from Penzance Farmers Market of Cambridge Favourites, a small sweet old variety.

I planted them in compost in raised coconut matting hanging troughs (good drainage) attached to the balustrade of our raised decking. Easy attachment with heavy duty white cable ties, and elegant too. And no permanent screws.

They are all coming into flower. Hope this sun sticks around.


Tehmina Goskar

Tehmina Goskar is a museum professional and a historian. She loves food, cooking, Penzance, Cornwall and Siamese cats.


2 thoughts on “Cambridge Favourite strawberries

  1. Hoping too about the sun. Do let us know how the plants fare and some photos too please.

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