Best pork pie in BritainĀ 

I hold a great deal of awe for amazing British charcuterie and pastry. Since moving to Cornwall I have missed the stunning pork produce we got used to in Hampshire and Wiltshire. Even Cornishman Tom is still to find the best of pork in Kernow. We have great continental style charcuterie (salamis etc) but home grown Cornish and British not so much. Even decent pork and apple pasties are hard if not impossible to come by. 

It was therefore an exotic treat to start our tripette in York with good Yorkshire pork. We happened upon the Hairy Fig on Fossgate. I ordered the house plate determined to pork out and I wasn’t disappointed. Washed down with a pot of tea I feasted on home roasted ham, spicy but gentle black pud and the best pork pie ever.

The pork pie was packed, refined jelly throughout kept it moist with great mouth feel and a hot water crust to make you weep with comfort. It also looked handsome, perfectly glazed like it belonged to. Chaucerian pilgrim in a fancy illumination. 

We’re on our way back and this is the one we just demolished on the train. It is quite simply the best pork pie we’ve ever had. Best pork pie in Britain. I challenge you to come up with better.