Wood delivery time

Wood stacked in our wood shed

We’ve just taken delivery of a couple of cubic metres of seasoned wood. After picking the splinters out of my hands, I have vowed to use gloves next time!

We will be mixing logs with the remainder of our sawdust briquettes as we have converted our Esse Ironheart to burn wood only with their wood burning box kit. It has significantly increased the amount of time we can keep the fire in for – in fact it hasn’t gone out for about a couple of months now. The sawdust logs tended to collapse and quickly for a huge bed of flowing sawdust – which is fine – but getting a raging blaze to get the oven nice and hot has been tough. We tried some old logs we had hanging around and had a much better fire for the Ironheart. The sawdust logs, we feel, work better when you have a grate in a multifuel stove, but you don’t get that lovely thick ash bed and lasting heat. So we will mix and match for a while and see how we go.

Let’s see how good this wood (a mixed load) is first!